First steps

How am I doing?

This questions provide a self-assessment. The questions help you with cashing in on your obsolete equipment.

What can I do in my company?

  • Get started: Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle
  • Re-use ICT equipment and confidentiality
  • For large organisations or cooperatives : Redistribution

Who can help me?

  • Buyers and scrap dealers (link à Traders and services)
  • Cases and examples
  • Local organisations: Recupel (B), Wecycle (NL), NVMP (NL)
  • Ask supplier to take back your stuff (take-back scheme)
  • Ask for other business models (lease, rent)
  • Are you a producer of electric/electronic equipment? Tracking and tracing: tools
  • Are you a builder or demolisher?

What should I pay attention to?

  • Legal obligations (EU and local; chapter 2)
  • Economic business case (explain)
  • Social potential (asking buyers on social workplaces)
  • Ecological potential (LCA data copper? Explain geopolical tension?)
  • Liability issues (discussion)